Our Wines


Olmo’s Reward & SmithCullum

Named after the founders of Frankland Estate Barrie Smith and Judi Cullam, these wines are only produced in the best vintages and in extremely small quantities. A riesling of “kabinett” style (30 grams of residual sugar) and a Shiraz Cabernet blend are the only two wines produced each showing the diversity and depth of the Frankland Estate Isolation Ridge vineyard. These wines are about pushing the boundaries a little … we hope you like them.

Single Vineyard

Frankland Estate produce three single vineyard rieslings. Although the three vineyard sites are all located within the Frankland River appellation, they consist of three very different and unique soil types. These soils contribute towards the making of three very different and unique wines.

Frankland Estate

Perhaps one of the most isolated vineyard sites in the world it seemed only fitting that we called our vineyard site “Isolation Ridge Vineyard”. This range of single vineyard, organically grown wines reflects the uncompromising passion and devotion we have to making unique wines that reflect a true sense of place.

Rocky Gully

In house we call these wines the “second generation of Frankland Estate”. The Rocky Gully wines are opulent, fruit-driven wines highlighting the pristine quality of fruit sourced from the Frankland River region, whilst maintaining the subtle, individuality and personality that distinguish all Frankland Estate wines. Rocky Gully wines are made using the same uncompromising philosophy that underpins all of our wines at Frankland Estate.