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  • Frankland Estate Alter Weg 2014

    Curiosity unintentionally landed us with this wine. Our organic viticulture has resulted in excitingly healthy vines that have allowed us to achieve greater flavours and the vines holding onto their natural acidity.

  • Frankland Estate Chardonnay 2014

    Isolation Ridge Vineyard Chardonnay is renowned for its millerandage or ‘hen and chicken’ combination of large and small berries in the same bunch. This results in low yields, especially where the proportion of small berries is high and, typically, produces highly concentrated flavours.

  • Frankland Estate Shiraz 2015

    The Frankland River region is recognised as one of Australia’s finest shiraz growing regions. The Mediterranean climate of warm days and cold nights, combined with the unique ironstone soil found in our Isolation Ridge Vineyard produces shiraz of power, refinement and finesse.

  • Frankland Estate Cabernet Sauvignon 2014

    Of the red wine varieties grown in the Isolation Ridge Vineyard the evidence suggests Isolation Ridge Cabernet Sauvignon is perhaps the most sensitive to the vineyard environment. This is reflected in wines with distinctive earthy, mineral qualities and rich, supple textured flavours.