Shine A Light On The Pristine Isolation Ridge Vineyard

Smith Cullam Riesling

Shine a light on the pristine Isolation Ridge Vineyard

With each passing year the release of the single-vineyard Rieslings from this domain in far-flung Great Southern is greeted by greater and more widespread excitement and respect. These new wines are sure to continue that trend.

But this isn’t simply business as usual; it is a momentous occasion for the estate.

For the past six years, second-generation winemaker Hunter Smith has been joined in the winery by brother-in-law Brian Kent. They’ve determinedly set about building on the tremendous progress made since Judi Cullam and Barrie Smith planted the first vines on Isolation Ridge almost 30 years ago. Hunter and Brian have focused on every detail of their technique, produce and – most important – organically farmed vineyard, with the ultimate aim of realising Frankland Estate’s immense potential.

Now we see how that hard work has eased into being a suite of brilliant wines. The reds, long recognised as wines of pedigree with a strong sense of place, now occupy a higher plane. They shine a light on the pristine Isolation Ridge vineyard’s potential to grow mineral, nuanced wines with remarkable vitality. The Chardonnay – a sleeper in the range – is beautifully composed, and the Rieslings have earned their place in the pantheon of great Australian wines.

Taste them and you know it immediately. Run an eye over the latest reviews, and they too confirm that something big is happening here:

“Wow! These ’13 reds from Frankland Estate are bloody delicious!” Max Allen

“The Frankland Estate reds are in excellent shape; perhaps the best shape I’ve seen them in.” Campbell Mattinson

“I can’t recall a better Shiraz from this vineyard.” Huon Hooke

“Riesling might feel like their métier, but there’s fire in the belly for red wines under their care.” Mike Bennie

“Terrific reds and this very good Chardonnay are part of the stable.” Jane Faulkner

“(Isolation Ridge Riesling) has now become so consistently great, it is a liquid tribute to the dedication of the Cullam family, to their vineyard and winemaking.” Nick Stock

“The (Poison Hill Riesling) surges on and on, with a mix of mineral, citrus and green apple.” James Halliday

One of Australia’s foremost terroir-driven winegrowers is scaling new heights. Frankland Estate is flying.

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This article was featured on words by Ed Merrison

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