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  • 2016 Single Vineyard Riesling New Release Pack

    Mixed dozen including:

    6 x 2016 Isolation Ridge Vineyard Riesling

    6 x 2016 Poison Hill Vineyard Riesling

  • Frankland Estate Riesling Pack

    Mixed dozen including:

    3 x 2016 Isolation Ridge Vineyard Riesling

    3 x 2016 Poison Hill Vineyard Riesling

    3 x 2016 Frankland Estate Riesling

    3 x 2015 SmithCullam Riesling

  • Single Vineyard Museum Pack

    2 x 2016 Isolation Ridge Vineyard Riesling

    2 x 2012 Isolation Ridge Vineyard Riesling

    2 x 2010 Isolation Ridge Vineyard Riesling

    2 x 2016 Poison Hill Vineyard Riesling

    2 x 2013 Poison Hill Vineyard Riesling

    2 x 2012 Poison Hill Vineyard Riesling

  • Special Shiraz Pack

    We couldn’t let those shiraz lovers miss out, mixed dozen including:

    4 x 2010 SmithCullam Shiraz

    4 x 2014 Isolation Ridge Vineyard Shiraz

    4 x 2015 Frankland Estate Shiraz


  • SmithCullam Riesling 2015

    This kabinett style riesling (containing 30 grams of residual sugar) is made from select low yielding vines within the Isolation Ridge vineyard. The conditions to make this wine do not occur every year. Elevated levels of acidity leading up to harvest allow the fruit to be harvested in clean optimal condition. a very cold fermentation is undertaken in 1000 litre French oak foudre. A long fermentation period is finished early leaving some residual sugar to give optimal balance. This allows the wine to show its true generosity and intensity of flavour.

  • SmithCullam Shiraz 2010

    SmithCullam Shiraz 2010 is A complex, intensely-flavoured but very elegant and approachable shiraz-cabernet blend distinguished by opulent fruit flavours, satin-smooth palate and fine-grained tannins. This wine reflects both outstanding vintage conditions and the meticulous care it received in both the vineyard and winery.

  • Olmo’s Reward 2013

    Olmo’s Reward is named after Dr Harold Olmo the Californian viticulturalist who first identified the potential of the Frankland River region to produce premium wines. Dubbed the “Bordeaux from the Bush” it is a blend of traditional Bordeaux varieties in which cabernet franc and merlot are the dominant components with malbec, cabernet sauvignon and petit verdot playing minor supporting roles.

  • Isolation Ridge Vineyard Shiraz 2014

    The Frankland River region is recognised as one of Australia’s finest shiraz growing regions. The Mediterranean climate of warm days and cold nights, combined with the unique ironstone soil found in our Isolation Ridge Vineyard produces shiraz of power, refinement and finesse. Our Isolation Ridge Vineyard Shiraz aims to capture all the quintessential fruit opulence, black pepper and spice notes for which the region has become renowned.

  • Isolation Ridge Vineyard Riesling 2016

    Riesling wines from the Frankland River region are renowned for their intense varietal flavours and crisp fresh acidity. The Frankland Estate Isolation Ridge Vineyard Riesling is consistently ranked among the best in Australia and has won widespread critical acclaim.

  • Poison Hill Vineyard Riesling 2016

    Since 2001 Frankland Estate has produced limited quantities of two additional single vineyard rieslings (Poison Hill & Cooladerra) to complement the Isolation Ridge Vineyard Riesling. The unconventional name of Poison Hill Vineyard is a result of it being located on the slopes of a hill where Heartleaf Clover is found.

  • Frankland Estate Riesling 2016

    Consistent with the now well-established Rieslings produced by Frankland Estate this wine displays the balance of pristine fruit flavours and laser-like acidity resulting in an exceptional wine that can be enjoyed now or cellared with confidence.

  • Frankland Estate Chardonnay 2014

    Isolation Ridge Vineyard Chardonnay is renowned for its millerandage or ‘hen and chicken’ combination of large and small berries in the same bunch. This results in low yields, especially where the proportion of small berries is high and, typically, produces highly concentrated flavours.