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Frankland Estate


The story of Frankland Estate is one born in the isolated natural terrain of South West Australia, and the foresight of a prominent scientist. In 1956 renowned US viticulturalist Dr Harold Olmo identified the potential of the Frankland River region to produce wines comparable to those of Bordeaux, France. Working two vintages in Bordeaux and touring French vineyards cemented Barrie and Judi’s vision to establish Frankland Estate in 1988 and pursue their dream to create wines of uncompromising quality.

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2018 Frankland Estate Mourvèdre x2
2019 Frankland Estate Alter Weg Riesling x2
2018 Frankland Estate Touriga Nacional x2
2018 Frankland Estate Marsanne x2
2020 Gruner Velttiner x2
2019 Cabernet Franc x2
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It's a style of wine that was all the rage in the wine bars in New York, known as "Groovy" by the trendy crowd. There's not a lot of Grüner Veltliner planted in Australia, but where this native Austrian white varietal is small in numbers, it's big in flavour impact! This is the first release of our organic 2020 Frankland Estate Grüner Veltliner and it's one that you'll need to act on quickly if you want to enjoy as there was only a barrel produced.

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2018 Frankland Estate Mourvèdre 
2019 Frankland Estate Alter Weg Riesling 
2018 Frankland Estate Touriga Nacional 
2018 Frankland Estate Marsanne 
2020 Gruner Velttiner
2019 Cabernet Franc 
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/ 750ml