Frankland Estate is a place, a family, our traits and values all bound up as one.

Isolation Ridge is the name of the vineyard that surrounds the winery.

Our family members reside on the fringe of the vines, living and breathing the pristine air and treading the organic-certified coffee-rock soils of the gentle slope. We grow vibrant, healthy fruit whose juice and skins bear the signature of the land and bring honest, abundant refreshment to those who taste the ensuing wines.

Come, take a moment to discover more about this special place.

Discover Our Place

“Frankland Estate is a superb, family-run, ecologically sensitive estate in a beautiful, extremely isolated location.”


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Join the Frankland Estate Wine Club

Frankly, you'd be silly not to.
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Finesse and balance and an incisive expression of cool climate wine growing.

Frankophiles Rejoice! Frankophiles Rejoice!

Frankophiles Rejoice!

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