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Frankland Estate

Hunter Smith
28 January 2022 | Hunter Smith

Vintage Update February

Much like the rest of the world in 2021-22, this year’s growing season has been a rollercoaster ride to say the least. Coming out of one of the wettest winters in many years, we continued to receive plenty of rain through ‘til the end of October, which is ideal for giving the best start to our new plantings and the early growth of established vines.  The wet weather was also welcomed with open arms by our dry grown vines in the original Isolation Ridge Vineyard. 

This cool, wet start to the season has meant bud burst and initial vine growth have been slow, delaying flowering by two weeks. We are only now heading into veraison at the beginning of February and almost all varietals still have hard green berries, indicating we are still some six weeks until the start of harvest. 

Since November conditions have been very dry, and December and January have been very warm. The average temperature this January was a fraction over 19°C, one of the warmest since 2016. Despite this, the yields look good and to date, the quality looks very exciting. We are starting to see the night time temperatures of around 10-12°C and the days are cooling, which gives our vines the ability to slowly develop the bunches, which imparts the quintessential flavour spectrums and intensity we expect from our certified organic vineyards.

Despite its challenges, we are very excited to see how vintage takes shape over the coming months. 

Our 470 clone Syrah (above) is just starting to change colour (veraison) whilst the Riesling (below) is looking great but yet to change. ​





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