Where We Live

This place is special, and we hope you taste its life, joy and detail in our wines.

Founded in 1988 by Barrie Smith and Judi Cullam, Frankland Estate is buried deep in the heart of Western Australia’s most isolated wine region. It’s located 330km south of Perth, 250km east of Margaret River and some 50km inland from the wild and picturesque Great Southern coastline. We named our vineyard Isolation Ridge on account of its rugged remoteness

The key soil profile of this undulating site is what we call “coffee rock” - ironstone gravel over a clay subsoil. These fragile, fairly infertile soils demand a great deal of care, and reward it with wines that bear a distinctly savoury, ferrous stamp that marries beautifully with pristine, generous fruit flavours and natural acidity. 

Freedom from noise and light pollution makes for a beautifully clean growing environment, and the stable climate lends itself to organic viticulture. We achieved organic certification in 2009 and you can read about the benefits here.

Our grapes get to hang and ripen perfectly in steady autumn conditions, as the freshening influence of the Southern Ocean and cool nights ensure the wines retain nerve and energy.

“Frankland Estate has emerged as one of the great vineyards of Australia"